Air Conditioning Articles

4 Things to Know About Your Air Conditioner

May 9, 2019
AC in backyard of home

Air conditioning isn’t exactly a stimulating topic to bring up at parties. It’s not something most people think about too excessively. But at The Tedder Company, we’re obsessed with it!

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noise?

April 25, 2019
Woman covering ears to block loud air conditioner noises

It’s normal for your air conditioner to create some noise when running—that simply means it’s working. Although older units are typically louder than newer ones, all air conditioning noises are not the same.

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How Does Your Central Air Conditioner Cool Your Home?

April 17, 2019
A central A/C unit attached to a home in Murfreesboro, TN.

Your air conditioner not only keeps your Murfreesobro home cool & comfy when the outside temperatures are high but also helps keep your inside air cleaner…

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Ductless Systems

March 31, 2019
A ductless heating & cooling system in Murfreesboro, TN.

Ductless systems are an efficient and quiet alternative to traditional central AC and other traditional home heating and cooling options.

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Why You Should Service Your AC Unit in the Spring

February 26, 2019
An HVAC technician in Murfreesboro, TN servicing a home's air conditioning AC unit.

Your home’s AC unit is an investment worth protecting for many factors. Keeping up with the recommended annual maintenance saves you money long-term by…

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Why Does My Air Conditioner Freeze Up?

June 29, 2018
close up ice on coil cooler of dirty air conditioner

One of the more common and frustrating things that can happen to your Air Conditioning Unit is a freeze up. This is exactly what it sounds like, when a layer of ice forms on the outside of your AC unit. Whether you have a window unit or a central air system the causes and effects…

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Is My Air Conditioner Short Cycling?

June 14, 2018
residential ac

When an air conditioner (AC) turns on and off in rather quick successions, without running for longer periods, this is called short cycling. It’s fairly common, but when it happens it means there’s something wrong with the AC. Do not leave these occurrences alone. They will increase your energy costs, usually indicate a larger problem,…

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What Does SEER Mean?

May 24, 2018
wall mounted thermostat temperature

When it comes to your air conditioner, a common term used in the HVAC business that you’re likely to see everywhere is your air conditioner’s SEER. But what exactly is SEER? SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It’s a rating system of the air conditioner’s cooling capacity to power input, i.e., it’s the ratio…

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Common AC Purchasing Mistakes to Avoid

May 15, 2018
air conditioner

Purchasing a new air conditioner can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help! Here are some common purchasing mistakes to avoid when buying a new air conditioning system in Murfreesboro, TN. The Wrong Sized Unit It is easy to buy a unit too large or too small for your space. A larger unit…

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Why is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

April 27, 2018

An air conditioner, just like a car, needs regular maintenance and service for it to run efficiently. We recommend getting your AC unit serviced and cleaned once a year. You should do this in the spring, to ensure that your unit will run with the most efficiency during the hottest summer months. Why is this…

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