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Ductless Maintenance

Ductless Maintenance

The Tedder Company extends a warm welcome to all Tennessee ductless mini split owners. 

Your ductless unit provides so many perks. It’s a one-stop-shop for heating and cooling. With multiple modules, you can achieve individual climate control in each room. It’s also incredibly efficient—up to 30 percent less expensive to cool and 60 percent less to heat than traditional systems, according to ENERGY STAR®. 

Your mini splits are an important, beneficial part of your Tennessee home. That’s why you should take steps to protect your investment, so you enjoy its benefits for years to come. 

Fortunately, ductless units are much easier to maintain than an average central air system. That’s because air ducts are prone to dust buildup and leaks. By eliminating them, you have a simpler and more accessible setup. Despite the lighter maintenance needs, be sure you stay on top of them. 

How Do They Work? 

A ductless system has two main components—the indoor air handler and the outdoor compressor. The air handler is a small, sleek fixture that mounts to your wall or ceiling, ventilating treated air.

In larger homes, you may need two or more air handlers to adequately cool your space. With multiple units, you can individually control the temperature in each zone to create a zone control system. 

Home Care For Your Ductless Mini Splits

Whenever you perform home maintenance, be sure to power off the indoor and outdoor components. Let them sit for at least one hour before operating. Additionally, turn off the outside circuit switch. Remembering both of these steps is vital to prevent electrical shock. 

  1. Make space around your indoor and outdoor units. You don’t want anything obstructing them. Keep an invisible bubble at least four-feet thick around them. Outside, be sure to trim any shrubbery and remove loose twigs that fall on or near your unit. 
  2. Clean the air filters. Monthly cleaning is key for the health of your mini split. Clogged filters make for poor indoor air quality (IAQ). They also stifle ventilation, causing your unit to overwork itself. This can shorten its lifespan and lead to breakdowns.
  3. Wipe down the modules. When cleaning your home, dust your indoor units and wipe them down with a wet rag. When performing yard work, spray any dirt or debris off of the outside condenser and coils with your garden hose, then dry. Again, be sure your mini split is turned off when performing these tasks. If you keep up with cleaning (once a week or so), its condition will stay pristine.

Professional Maintenance

Remember to schedule a yearly preventative maintenance visit with a The Tedder Company professional. This gives our specialists a chance to check for hidden issues with your ductless mini split before they turn into costly repairs. They can also provide energy savings tips to cut down on your monthly spending. Some of the vital maintenance tasks a professional will perform include: 

  • Inspecting your pipes for leaks or obstructions
  • Monitoring refrigerant levels
  • Checking for frayed wires and tuning up electrical connections
  • Ensuring the run capacitor is fully functional

Your ductless mini split is an important investment. Planned annual maintenance helps protect it, so you can enjoy all of its benefits for years to come.

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