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Indoor Air Quality Articles

Fall Indoor Air Quality

October 26, 2017
With fall now upon us in Murfreesboro, TN, cooler temperatures are coming. This transition from one season to another most definitely affects your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). In cooler weather, people tend to spend more time indoors at home, so it’s important to be sure your IAQ is protected. How is IAQ Affected in… Continue Reading

Humidifiers in the Fall

September 11, 2017
In many places, evidence of fall’s presence is obvious by way of beautiful fall colors. But many only experience fall with its subtlety through lower humidity levels. No matter which way you experience it, one thing is evident in them all––fall brings drier air. The cooler air simply can’t hold as much moisture as warm… Continue Reading

Allergies and Duct Cleaning in Tennessee

March 28, 2017
Allergy season is upon us! One way to combat the causes and symptoms of allergies this year is to get your air ducts cleaned. Allergens are all around us and in the spring as the trees pollinate often we consider remaining indoors to avoid the cause, but in some cases this is like getting out… Continue Reading

All About Air Cleaners in Tennessee

November 15, 2016
The air we breath is just as important to our health as the food we eat or the beverages we drink. Air quality is one of the most important and yet least thought about contributors to our health and well being. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, your indoor air can be 2 to 5… Continue Reading

The Benefits of a Humidifier in Your Tennessee Home

September 27, 2016
A humidifier is a device that emits water vapor to increase the humidity in your home. A humidifier battles the symptoms associated with cold weather. Cold weather can wreak havoc on your respiratory system but it can also damage your wooden furniture or musical instruments. A humidifier combats all of these things by reintroducing the… Continue Reading

Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

September 12, 2016
What is Carbon Monoxide? Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, odorless, tasteless gas. It is formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon, or the incomplete burning of natural gas and other things that contain carbon. It can often be mixed with other gasses with odors. Carbon monoxide can result from the burning of any of these,… Continue Reading

How to Control Humidity to Limit Mold

June 20, 2016
High indoor humidity can be hard to control. Often people use their air conditioners to remove moisture from their home since it already happens as a by-product of cooling. However dehumidification is not the primary purpose of an air conditioner. An air conditioner runs off of a thermostat which only senses temperature not humidity levels.… Continue Reading

All About Your Air Filter

April 25, 2016
Air filters are used to keep the air in your home or office clean and to keep your furnace or air conditioner clean. Dirt from the air can clog your heat exchanger, or cause it to work double time which can result in short cycling or shutting down all together. Spring in Tennessee is prime… Continue Reading

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

December 9, 2015
The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has indoor air quality ranked as one of the top 5 environmental dangers. It is linked to severe asthma and allergy development in children and to heart problems and lung cancer in children and adults. Symptoms depend on the particular contaminant and are sometimes mistaken for allergies, stress, colds or… Continue Reading