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Furnace Articles

How to Spot a Cracked Heat Exchanger

February 15, 2024
How to Spot a Cracked Heat Exchanger. Man coughs in his elbow while sitting on sofa at home.
At The Tedder Company Heating & Air Conditioning, we take the safety of our customers in Tennessee seriously. That’s why we want you to know how to spot a cracked heat exchanger. Continue Reading

What to Do When Your Furnace is Leaking Water

January 15, 2024
Water damage in indoor at home caused by sewer backflow due to clogged sanitary drain.
However, ignoring this problem could lead to other issues, such as water damage and mold. Reach out to our The Tedder Company Heating & Air Conditioning professionals so we can investigate it for you. We take great pride in offering practical solutions that add comfort and safety to your Franklin home or business. Continue Reading

Furnace Flue Tips

November 17, 2023
Furnace Flue Tips - Yellow Hard Hat on Furnace Coils.
The furnace flue, also called a vent pipe, expels exhaust from your Tennessee home, functioning to ensure you do not inhale harmful gases.  Continue Reading

What Is a Dual Fuel Heating System?

February 10, 2023
Image of a happy family. What Is a Dual Fuel Heating System?
So, you’re thinking about upgrading your Tennessee heating and cooling system. Have you ever heard of dual fuel? Continue Reading

How Does a Gas Furnace Work?

December 12, 2022
Image of a gas furnace. How Does a Gas Furnace Work?
A furnace is a big part of your life—whether you realize it or not. It keeps your Franklin home warm and can help with your indoor air quality (IAQ). Continue Reading

When Should You Replace Your Furnace?

November 11, 2022
Image of someone working on a furnace. When Should You Replace Your Furnace?
Your furnace plays the key role in keeping you warm in your Franklin home, but even with routine maintenance, it does not last forever. Nobody wants to think about replacing any major household system, but it’s generally more cost effective to be proactive in your thinking about it. Continue Reading

Is My Furnace Overheating?

December 30, 2021
Couple reviewing bills, confused over home heating problem.
Is your furnace acting up this winter? Take precautions to lower the risk of an overheating furnace, and know when to take action with these steps… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Lower Your Winter Heating Bill

December 7, 2021
how to lower your winter heating bill
ts low, your energy bill gets high. That’s because you spend more time indoors during the winter. Continue Reading

How Can I Make My Furnace Last Longer?

November 30, 2021
How Can I Make My Furnace Last Longer?, happy couple cuddling on the couch in their home with mugs
The average furnace lasts between 10 and 15 years. But did you know you can take steps to make it last longer? There is no shortcut or hack to increase your furnace’s longevity. Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Schedule a Fall Furnace Clean and Check

September 30, 2021
Father and kids playing in the leaves after scheduling their fall furnace clean and check.
Once the cooler weather hits here in Brentwood this fall, you are going to want the inside of your home toasty and comfortable. This means turning on your furnace. Long before the first night you’ll want to use it, you should have your furnace cleaned and checked by a professional from The Tedder Company. Continue Reading