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5 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

5 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

June 11, 2021
Airborne contaminants can negatively impact the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your Tennessee home. At The Tedder Company, we want you to breathe in fresh air, which is why we offer maintenance to keep your HVAC in top shape. Continue Reading
4 Things That Could Be Causing Your AC to Run Inefficiently

4 Things That Could Be Causing Your AC to Run Inefficiently

May 28, 2021
We at The Tedder Company strive to do our best to ensure your air conditioner, or AC, is running smoothly and effectively. But sometimes there are external factors that could be causing your unit to run less efficiently. Continue Reading
allergies and hvac maintenance

Alleviate Allergies with HVAC System Maintenance

May 17, 2021
Frustrated over your allergies preventing you from enjoying the day in your Franklin home or getting any rest at night? You’re not alone! Continue Reading
Why Ductless Is the Way to Go

Why Ductless Is the Way to Go

April 30, 2021
You deserve the most comfort at the best price in your Tennessee home or business. You want reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) at reasonable prices. You want fresh, clean air so you and your loved ones can enjoy a healthy home. Continue Reading
ac definitions, ac lingo

Be an Informed Consumer by Learning AC Lingo

April 16, 2021
The air conditioning system in your Franklin home is one of your biggest investments and home assets. In order to take care of it properly, as well as to communicate effectively with air conditioning (AC) professionals when needed, it’s good to understand some common air conditioning terminology Continue Reading
purchasing the right air conditioner

Purchasing the Right Air Conditioner

March 31, 2021
At The Tedder Company, we pride ourselves in being great matchmakers. We want to set you up with an air conditioner (AC) that’s right for your home. For your convenience, we created a list of things to remember when purchasing an air conditioner. We hope that with our help, you’ll find an air system that feels like it was made just for you! Continue Reading
what maintenance is needed for a ductless system?

What Maintenance Is Needed for a Ductless System?

March 16, 2021
A ductless heating and cooling system, or a mini split, is a splendid choice for your Franklin home and a worthwhile investment. It offers many benefits, and you can enjoy them all for years to come if you maintain the system on a consistent basis. Continue Reading
thermostat 101 basics

Thermostat 101 Basics

February 26, 2021
In the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, your thermostat is the undisputed leader of the heating and cooling team. It signals your furnace and air conditioner (AC) when to turn on and off. Whenever your thermostat detects a temperature change that’s different from the desired setting in your Brentwood home, it barks out a new directive to adjust the indoor climate. Continue Reading
why is my furnace pilot light going out?

Why Is The Furnace Pilot Light Going Out?

February 15, 2021
If you ever hear your gas furnace turn on but cannot feel any warm air blowing from the vents inside your Tennessee home, chances are the pilot light went out. Continue Reading
Why Is My Heat Pump Freezing Up? | Franklin, TN, Frustrated male employee discussing contract details over the phone. He is looking at documents in his laptop, holding phone, fling arms in an angry gesture, trying to find solution.

Why Is My Heat Pump Freezing Up?

January 29, 2021
Our team at The Tedder Company regularly gets calls about frozen heat pumps. Though common, a heat pump freeze-up usually means your system’s components are not working correctly. Sometimes you can fix it yourself. But oftentimes, you will need to call a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professional, like us, as the problem may require a part replacement or complex repair. Continue Reading

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