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Are You Wasting Energy in Your Business With These Common HVAC Mistakes?

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Businesses don’t always recognize how much heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) energy they waste annually through mistakes they make. These are typically common mistakes easily remedied and result in an improved bottom line. 

Even though some of the mistakes may seem insignificant, a quick correction can prove a large energy-and-money savings at the end of the year. Our skilled The Tedder Company professionals witness frequent mistakes at Franklin area businesses regularly and help owners to change, ultimately putting money back where it belongs––in the owners’ pockets. Let them help you do the same.

After all, the latest information from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) indicates commercial buildings account for almost 20 percent of US energy consumed.

7 Common HVAC Mistakes Your Business May Be Making

Here’s a list of some the most common mistakes our HVAC experts see at both small and large Tennessee businesses alike. Take an inventory at your business to see if any of these look familiar:

1.Overheating or overcooling your building. 

You may have your heat or air conditioning turned up too high, resulting in wasted energy. Signs this is happening may be employees using fans or space heaters to control personal-area temperatures or propping windows or exterior doors open to compensate. Think about setting temperatures a couple degrees either lower (heating) or higher (cooling) than you think is needed because that number is usually more than adequate and will save you money

2. Failing to install and utilize programmable or Wi-Fi thermostats. 

By programming your actual heating and cooling needs, instead of leaving one temperature on the thermostat 24/7, you can turn your heating and cooling down when employees or customers leave for the night and the weekend. This saves both HVAC and electrical energy. Consider installing locking devices to maintain your desired temperature settings.

3.Skipping changing your system’s air filters. 

The furnace and air conditioning system’s air filters need to be checked and changed on a regular basis for best efficiency and preventing damage to your system. The time frame for filter changes should be addressed by one of our professional The Tedder Company professionals to ascertain what timing is best, based on your business. A regular maintenance program will help with this as well.

4.Thinking a preventative maintenance program is a waste of money. 

A regular maintenance program allows our heating and cooling pros to keep your system in good working order and detect issues while they’re still small. This prevents your Tennessee business from needing to replace your system unnecessarily early because something was neglected or unnoticed by you. This applies to an energy audit as well; your business should have one to ensure your business is using energy efficiently.

5.Ignoring needed HVAC repairs when they first occur. 

Doing so only leads to a bigger repair and/or damage to your HVAC system, not to mention more money spent at the end of the road. If an employee or customer notices a strange smell, an unusual noise, a new draft, or a leak somewhere, get it checked immediately by one of our The Tedder Company experts. The problem typically will not disappear on its own and will simply develop into a costly, bigger issue for your Franklin business. 

6.Putting off upgrading to energy-efficient or sorely needed new equipment. 

Of course investing in new equipment costs money. However, upgrading when your system is on its last leg or your equipment isn’t energy efficient is really saving you money in the long run. Over the years you’ll see a nice return on your investment.

7.Not controlling direct sunlight with blinds or solar screen shades. 

Use the sun to its full advantage to help with your heating and cooling costs. During the warmer months, block the sun’s direct heat coming through the windows. Then in the cooler months, unobstructed windows can help with solar heat given from sunlight.

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