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Air Conditioning Articles

How Environmental Issues Can Affect Your AC

May 31, 2020
Girl and father cleaning house and showing how environmental issues can affect your AC and cooling system.
When you’re looking at how your air conditioner works, it can depend on a wide variety of factors. Most people realize that the brand you select, the size, the features, and the efficiency rating all play a role in how well an air conditioner will cool your Franklin home. However, many environmental issues also play… Continue Reading

Top Causes of AC Failure

August 26, 2019
Home Air Conditioner Condenser coil sitting in front of brick wall.
If you are a homeowner in Murfreesboro getting ready for a scorching summer, you will want to understand the top causes of air conditioner failures and what to do to prevent or address them. Continue Reading

How to Protect Your AC From Storms

August 14, 2019
rain pouring on home representing how you can protect your ac from storms
Our professionals at The Tedder Company want you to have a reliable air conditioning system before, during, and after a storm. Here are some tips on helping you protect your air conditioner investment. Continue Reading

4 Signs I Need a New AC Unit

July 17, 2019
woman trying to stay cool after not following the 4 signs that she needs a new ac unit
The Tedder Company understands that air conditioning is crucial for comfort in your daily life here in Lebanon, TN. A well maintained AC unit, with yearly inspections and monthly filter changes, can last up to 10 or 15 years. Continue Reading

Do I Really Need AC Maintenance?

June 18, 2019
Technician explaining ac maintenance inspection to woman in her home.
Summer has finally arrived. On the most scorching of days, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is your HVAC system breaking down. That’s why you should schedule an inspection and tune-up for your air conditioner as part of your seasonal cleaning. You might not want to spend the money now, but a costly repair far outweighs the financial burden of an inspection. Continue Reading

Does My Air Conditioner Eliminate Mold?

June 7, 2019
Air conditioner on side of home or building running to help eliminate mold.
At The Tedder Company, we’re often asked, “Do air conditioners kill off mold?” This is a common misconception. A properly maintained and functioning air conditioner (AC) can decrease the likelihood of mold growth. This is because it acts as a humidity balancer. But if mold forms, the air conditioner can’t prevent it from growing. This is why it’s important to occasionally examine your ducts for any leakage, which can cause mold. Continue Reading

Does Your AC Help With Allergy Symptoms?

May 31, 2019
Woman blowing nose outside due to seasonal allergy symptoms.
Seasonal allergies are a burden for many. Air conditioners, or ACs, when properly maintained, can noticeably reduce symptoms for allergy sufferers. Continue Reading

4 Things to Know About Your Air Conditioner

May 9, 2019
AC in backyard of home
Air conditioning isn’t exactly a stimulating topic to bring up at parties. It’s not something most people think about too excessively. But at The Tedder Company, we’re obsessed with it! Continue Reading

Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noise?

April 25, 2019
Woman covering ears to block loud air conditioner noises
It’s normal for your air conditioner to create some noise when running—that simply means it’s working. Although older units are typically louder than newer ones, all air conditioning noises are not the same. Continue Reading

How Does Your Central Air Conditioner Cool Your Home?

April 17, 2019
A central A/C unit attached to a home in Murfreesboro, TN.
Your air conditioner not only keeps your Murfreesobro home cool & comfy when the outside temperatures are high but also helps keep your inside air cleaner… Continue Reading